Aubrey Organics, Amino Derm Gel Clear Skin Complex

This stuff is great! I've been using it over a week now, and I definitely see a marked improvement.

Of course I use this along with daily cleansing and then plenty of moisturizer afterwards.

Since last spring, I've been having a problem with these little bumps on my forehead and chin, basically in the T-zone. They weren't the red and sore kind, just little bumps. But still, they irritated me to no end! Now they are greatly minimized and my face looks just plain old fresher all over.

When I saw it at one of our local health food stores, "Clear Skin Complex" caught my eye and I knew I had to give it a try!

The thing I love most about all Aubrey Organics products is they're so very natural! I haven't found another brand that can compare to them.

You may be able to find this at a health food store, like I did, or you can purchase it at AubreyOrganics.com.

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