E Plus High C, Roll-On Deodorant

I have never found a deodorant that I was entirly happy with, that is untill now.
I love this stuff!
I have tried all kinds of "natural" deodorants, from Tom's of Main to Natures Gate, and this one surpasses them all, in every way. The scent is great, a nice fresh flowery smell, and I could not be happier with its oder fighting abilities.

You can find it here at: Aubrey Organics


Kleenex tissues for oily skin

With these balmy summer temperatures we have been experiencing here, sweating seems to be unavoidable, which produces extra oil on my face. Just having to walk across a parking lot gets me all sticky feeling, but I guess that must be expected when its usually between 98 and 102 degrees outside. One must venture outside once in awhile, and so to combat this annoyance I have taken up using Kleenex tissues to blot my facial skin whenever necessary. I like to keep a nice big box in the car and a one of those small packages in my purse.


Dietary Supplements; Silica Complex

Silica Complex it a dietary supplement that I try to take regularly. Silica, which is also known as silicon, I've read, is a component of certain bodily polysaccharide structures, such as hair, skin and nails.
My hair and skin have always been relatively healthy and hardy, but my nails have plagued me for many moons. They would kinda peel at the ends, and just feel thin and flimsy. I can't remember where I'd heard of silica, but I did and my nails are looking a lot better. I have not had any peeling for about a year, and I can actually let them grow out a bit and not get all chiped the first time I wash the dishes. Though, I find with the sewing and crafting stuff I like to do, long nails get in the way.

NOW is the brand I have been using: NOW.com


Aubrey Organics; Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner

Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo
I really like the smell of this stuff. Plus my skin does not get irritated by it. I have tried several different kinds of shampoo, but this, so far, is the only one that has not left my face red and hot feeling. The only down side to this stuff is that it does not lather very much. But it does clean nicely and with my slightly dry hair, it was never to harsh. Always leaves my hair soft and sweetly scented.

Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
Again, the smell of this stuff it GREAT! And the viscosity is really nice and thick. Works wonders on my hair. I like to put it on and leave it in a bit, to give my hair a deep moisturizing treatment.

Aubrey Organics.com


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is known for being an anti-septic and anti-fungal. I like to use it regularly. I put a little dab on the palm of one my hands, then by rubbing them together I spread it all over my palms. And then pat my face lightly. It does have a cooling effect, kinda like how an altoid mint feels in your mouth, and since it is an oil, if you put to much on, you have to use soap to get if off. You also can dilute it with another oil such as jojoba or olive oil to make a less potent solution. My favorite brand to use is NOW.


Aubrey Organics; Ultimate Moist Lotion, Passionflower

I love how natural Aubrey Organic's products are!
This is by far one of my favorite lotions! It had a really nice texture, smooth and creamy, but not runny. And it quickly absorbs onto your skin, so there is no greasy feeling. And this passionflower scent is wonderful! They have a few other Ultimate Moist Lotion scents and I really want to get my hands on a bottle of each.

Check out> AubreyOrganics.com

Easy Sugar Scrub

Scrubs are one of my favorite things to make. So simple you can throw it together in a few minutes and they feel so nice to use.
The basic ingredients are sugar and oil (I like coconut best, because it has very little smell, unlike olive oil, which is very good for you skin, has a very strong smell). And then, though it is unnecessary, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I like to use peppermint, it has such a nice fresh smell.

Easy Sugar Scrub

2 cups sugar
1 cup oil
a few drops of essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Transfer to any desired container.

Scrubs are essential for me in the winter, my skin can get so dry! Using a nice coarse scrub maybe once even every other week really helps to keep my skin soft.