Dietary Supplements; Silica Complex

Silica Complex it a dietary supplement that I try to take regularly. Silica, which is also known as silicon, I've read, is a component of certain bodily polysaccharide structures, such as hair, skin and nails.
My hair and skin have always been relatively healthy and hardy, but my nails have plagued me for many moons. They would kinda peel at the ends, and just feel thin and flimsy. I can't remember where I'd heard of silica, but I did and my nails are looking a lot better. I have not had any peeling for about a year, and I can actually let them grow out a bit and not get all chiped the first time I wash the dishes. Though, I find with the sewing and crafting stuff I like to do, long nails get in the way.

NOW is the brand I have been using: NOW.com

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