GSE Liquid Concentrate, use to treat Ringworm

Well, in the last week of December 09, I discovered that I was developing a ringworm infection. And in the first few weeks it went from bad to worse.
This is not the first time that I've beem inflicted with it, and each time it seems to hang around for an unbearably long time. Now in the past I've tried the fungal ointment, aswell as tea tree oil, both did not have very quick results, if any.
But this time, after I'd already suffered with it for a few weeks, at the recomandation of a family friend, I started using GSE Liquid Concentrate (Grapefruit Seed Extract) on it. The first time I made the mistake of using the full strength, which made my skin burn, and even caused a bit of swelling. So, after reading what the label had to say, I tired a diluted solution. And since then, the ringworm has gone from spreading to fading. I have no idea if this will work for everyone or anyone, but I figure, if nothing else seems to work, give it a try.

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