The all powerful baking soda! Use #1: Hair Rinse

Baking soda makes a real nice hair rinse. Gets all the built up junk out and makes the scalp feel quite nice, tingly you might say.

Prep: Before hand, brush your hair vigorously.

Application: Situate oneself in either the tub/shower or with head under the facet.
After wetting hair completely, take a handful of baking soda, moisten it with a bit of water, and apply to head. I would avoid getting much on the ends of your hair, it can be a bit drying.
Use finger tips to massage scalp. Apply more water or baking soda whenever you feel the need. And then after you feel you've scrubbed your whole scalp and massaged long enough rise thoroughly with water. If you have extremely dry hair, them I would recommend now apply some conditioner.

I have read of some people doing this method once a week, and then not needing to shampoo there hair ever. But I found that if I did it more then every few weeks it caused my hair to get pretty dry and static-ee. Though I would say that my hair is normally on the dry side, and needs a bit more moisturizing. So if your hair is more on the oily side, you might want to try it more often.

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